The ground is craggy and lifeless, the world map is divergent. Magic is the primary stat for Dagger, Vivi, and Eiko. When the CT reaches 100, that character gets a turn. Welcome to Final Fantasy VI Speedruns. Defense is only raised by equipment and Relics and is a factor in determining physical damage taken by your characters. Incomplete, just to prevent redirecting For the Speed version of the Telefang series, see Speed version. HP, which can stand for Health Points or Hit Points, and it has also been called Life, is an important stat in every game of the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy is the most recognizable JRPG series around and its highly disputed which of its games is best. Putting a point into movement speed will increase your speed by 1.5%. Dexterity determines the speed of which the units' ATB Gauge fills up (in conjunction with the battle speed setting in the config), as well as affecting the character's physical evasion in conjunction with the Defense % given in the character's armor. It turns out Speed no longer goes up at a steady rate and caps at 49% (305 stat), meaning it will completely stop giving you any bonuses past that. Speed I believe is 255-20 so around 230 (but not really necessary. •Final Fantasy VI Main •Learn About Zeppelin •Armor •Character Profiles •Colloseum •Enemies •Enemy Attacks •Espers •Game Genie •Items •Lore •Magic •Media •Rage / Sketch •Ragnarok •Relics •Secrets •Shop List •Mad Skillz •Thanks •Walkthrough •Weapons FF6 Uses the ATB (Active Time Battle) system, each character has a Turn Bar that fills (you can turn it on/off in the options) Each character's speed stat determines how fast that bar fills up. Final Fantasy VI Advance. Max Speed Stat! The final and most important use of Stamina is evading one-hit KO attacks. This then interacts with your speed stat to calculate how fast you're gonna be when using that specific move. The accessory Choco Feather also gives +10 to Dexterity. Speed. You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by, This section in Bravely Default is empty or needs to be expanded. Spell speed reduce the cast time and cool down on spells. Once it's full a character get's their turn. Teaching every character every spell isn't required, but is very In games with Active Time Battle or Conditional Turn-Based Battle, it is used to determine the rate at which the ATB or charge time gauge rises. Aeons have their own stats separate from the characters'. Attack is only raised by the weapons you equip, and is a factor in determining Attack damage (not Desperation Attacks, though). You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by, This section in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call is empty or needs to be expanded. A second influence of Stamina is the amount of HP a Tintinnabulum will heal per step, although take heed: Stamina given to you by equipment will not be taken into account by the Tintinnabulum. The metrics that define a character are not necessarily clean-cut in Final Fantasy VI, and it took the advent of the modding community before the ins and outs of all of them were finally clear. To calculate the absolute speed of a creature, … It can be augmented or reduced by Time Magic spells Haste or Slow. Skill speed reduces the cast time and cooldown on weaponskills, and reduces the delay on auto-attacks. Now make powerful moves have low base power speed, and weak moves have high base power speed. The Fiend is a member of the Warring Triad who are the source of all the magic in the world, the Fiend is a mighty being to be feared, and once attempted to lead its army of Espers to take over the world, contending with the similarly powerful Goddess and Demon. For Final Fantasy VI on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Raising speed and other stats". (Unless there's a way to speed up the loading times of the PSX version which would be great) Having a couple of points of Agility more than a monster does not guarantee a successful first move each turn; it only increases the chance.