Where my camera is it is about 5 feet from my AP, but be ready to fiddle with the camera and your wireless access point to get the signal you need to use this. The instructions for setup were very clear. Defender also adds an additional power extension cable of another 25ft, so getting to a nearby outlet should be manageable for most people. I am using an iPhone so you know. You can adjust the zone to your liking through the app. Of course, you can see the live feed from all 4 cameras. But, then I felt abandoned. All rights reserved. With features including double the resolution of an HD camera, remote viewing with instant alerts and audio recording, you can check on … I am now getting the feeling that this quick start manual has issues with say when it’s written by someone who’s native language isn’t English and we have these small language barriers that come into play. The unit has a single, bundled cord that allows both an Ethernet and power connection, but there is no way to separate these if, for instance, you don’t need the Ethernet connection (not my favorite of its features). The wifi signal also effects playing back recorded videos since there isn't a separate recording device...the playback is coming directly from the card in the camera. Excellent night vision You will receive the main camera, over 20 feet of power cable, instruction manual, and necessary mounting hardware. But here is where it comes short, the moment I leave home and leave my home Wi-Fi network, I can’t log in live. It is a cost-effective, DYI, 4MP, 2K resolution, Color Security Camera with Sound and impressive Night Vision. - Selectable motion zones and sensitivity On the pro side, it is reasonably priced, and you will not have any additional fees for video storage, it delivers great video quality, and it is really easy to install and set up. The only problem was a difficult setup. You can connect up to four cameras to the network. The camera is IP67 rated and hence it can withstand rain and snow and still be functional without any flaws. ** Defender App - This FREE App is available for both mobile, android and apple devices. The preview box never loads up an actual preview for me. 1. I tried to love this camera, but it comes very crippled without the NVR base station. The 2k resolution rivals cameras twice as expensive. It has up to 2K resolution and also has night vision with a 123-degree wide-angle lens. - Easy install and set up The wall plug itself is not heavy weather grade, but has thinner wiring to allow more concealment when routing to your camera. Seeing this new stand alone with the ability to connect via Wi-Fi was interesting. Ability to monitor via phone is also sketchy as the router loses connection and is always reloading. - easy setup The hardware is rugged and fully featured. Although there is no explanation of what that does. If I was rating the camera for the ease of setup, quality of images, and camera quality I would rate it 5 stars. The feed is clear, even in near darkness thanks to the ring of IR lights around the camera. The app works great and you can also record audio but you can’t have a two way conversation, but that’s not that big of a deal at this price point. The Defender Guard Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera is a quality budget friendly option for home security. -FOV says 2.8mm on defender website and best buy...not the case, label clearly says 3.6mm (what is it really?) ---PERFORMANCE--- -Please next time make the cables modular - Remote viewer application available for free 16GB micro SD card with rolling recording WooHoo! The camera does have an Ethernet option but, have fun running a 100ft Ethernet cable. The SD card removes like normal by pushing down on it and letting it pop up. -Infrared Cut Filter It has Infrared LED Night Vision that gives good detail up to 100ft away in the day or night. Power Cord ——— There are no flood lights built in or alarms. I installed a 128gb memory card and so far with 24/7 continuous recording it looks like it will record 1 week before it over rights. After several attempts, I gave up and connected the camera via Ethernet cable. I installed it above my garage. Wiring it correctly in a place they don’t really look it is a bit more challenging. Wifi: I would not buy anything that didn’t have a wifi option, so getting it was an expectation. -No mention of available firmware updates (website is lacking) I have it laying down for now but do intend on mounting. I use the camera on an ethernet connection in my setup because my wireless network is used for services separate from the security network. The camera is reasonably weatherproof and has an enclosed 16Gb MicroSd card. Once downloaded you have to create an account and make sure you are connected to wifi. Night Vision The camera and your phone must be connected to the same 2.4 GHz network. You might be able to get away with a 1/2in drill bit, but the 7/8in bit I used made it easy to pass the connectors thru. Storage is possible both in the cloud and on the interal microSD card. Some of the great features of this camera is that it includes a 16Gb SD card to record activities so there are no monthly payment plans that you have to consider. The app is fairly easy to use and add full featured as you’d want for a camera. The camera can record both video as well as still images if you push the camera button. Not a lot of cameras out there have it My cell is also connected to the same network as the camera and I can see what the Camera see’s so I’m thinking I’m good. You can mount it anywhere, be it outdoors (has IP rating) or indoor to monitor what you would like. That limitation aside I'm happy with the camera and how it is working, the features it has work and are simple enough to use. Still joyless. In the various settings menu it allows me to customize my surveillance cameras for constant, time specific, and, or motion and sound detection. I had an easy time to get the camera unboxed and set up with the easy instructions. 1 The Best Defender Wireless Camera of 2020 – Top Rated & Reviewed; 2 Top Rated Defender Wireless Camera to Buy Now. At first, it was difficult to set my wifi network, not matter what I did, it would not connect. This is a basic security camera. It is a cost-effective, DYI, 4MP, 2K resolution, Color Security Camera with Sound and impressive Night Vision. Thus, internal wiring may be required, or if installing externally, you may need to drill through external surfaces and get creative with connections to a nearby electrical outlet. Very easy, connect the power after mounting it on the wall outdoor and then download the defender app from the iOS/android store and then scan the QR code to recognize and setup the camera. It can be set to detect motion. - That Ethernet pigtail makes it awkward to mount the camera because it's got a BIG, non-weatherproofed jack just sitting open relatively close to the camera but dangling separate from the power adapter plug--if you intend to use it in wireless mode you may have some difficulty figuring out how to secure and weather-proof it (I suggest white liquid tape to cap off the open jack)...and if you need to run the cabling through a wall, you have to make the hole BIG to accommodate that dangling Ethernet jack At this point any user would give up, take it back to Best Buy, and give it one star. The only major roadblock I ran into was I had to add electrical outlets in my attic (nothing to do with the cameras). There is no horizontal adjustment. It also has an on-board, self-contained, 16GB Micro SD card, which can be upgraded to 128GB, and, is able to record both 'motion-events' and sound through the Defender Smart Signal App when motion is initiated. But there is a peace of mind in knowing that there is a 16GB removable memory card installed within the camera in case you have to have a hard copy of footage that might not save to your phone/device when prompted. User rating, 3.4 out of 5 stars with 59 reviews. Easily mounted high up on outside wall front of house. 4. The mobile app is intuitive. My 2.4/5ghz ac2200 wifi would not work with it, even in 2.4ghz mode. This was nice since they expose an RSTP network feed, and more camera's don't have passwords or have default and easily guessed ones that a quick Internet search could find. Either way once set up was complete video footage and streaming was smooth and flawless on the 2.4 band. I could see the camera via the application. Zoning function The Defender - Indoor/Outdoor 2K Wi-Fi Wireless Security Camera is just one of several cameras designed to combat this problem. Mounting options are therefore limited due to these connected wires. Finally I was able to see video (while connected to lan). Set up is easy as well. The pictures I posted should give you an idea of the type of image quality in HD mode and lens flare or blurring in night mode. For those that may know or not now, night vision is rated in LUX and how far it can see. Night Mode is decent, and it switches back to being able to a clear picture fairly quickly when drastic light change occurs. Searching more on line I learned this same camera is sold in a generic form and is used with an add on security router as well as a DVR router box which is the best ideal solution. So, if you’re looking for a completely wireless camera then this security camera isn’t what you are looking for. It also then begs the question if it is always recording in HD or in SD until you switch it. I was very impressed with the clarity of the video. Didn't have any problems navigating and finding settings like Notification zones etc. I have not been able to find out. - The only problem that I faced was correctly mounting the camera in first attempt. SUMMARY: 7. I wish the app had more flexibility and easier navigation . ** Concerns – The included power cord is NOT weatherproof. When selecting the camera feed and going to live view, you are presented with some options under the feed. Once the initial mounting set up is complete you can then go to the app store and download the fee app which is necessary to access your camera's settings and wifi set up. ** Saves Money – As a DIY home security owner I love the fact that this Defender Guard camera and system does not require additional third-party monitoring fees for viewing, recording, and equipment rentals. Overall I give this product 4 stars as I can not say for certain the unit can be a distance from the home network. It comes with all the required hardware to mount it anywhere. Setup of the camera is fairly easy and straight forward. Once secured, you can position the camera in almost any direction without worrying about the camera “shifting” under its own weight over time. No subscription fees No Monthly fees!! It connects through an App on your phone and all this is connected to your home network. I had to connect my old wifi for it to get the signal. Keep in mind that this Defender Guard camera is also a 'stand-a-lone' and through the Defender App can be programmed to record to its SD card upon motion activation. The Defender 24-7 App has some cool features. This is a hardwire powered camera. So I did the setup using an Ethernet cable, and from there I was able to setup my wifi network and then it would connect just fine. Where you save in money, you will pay in frustration. - Clear video image and picture The two things that impressed me both though with the camera's setup was when I named it, that was the host named used making finding it on my network much easier and they recommended setting up a device password too. Quality felt good not great, but OK. If you aren’t a handy-man/woman or live in a place where you can’t drill, then this camera may not be of much use to you. It had me scan a QR code on the top of the camera, enter in my Wireless network (make sure your phone and camera are both on the same wireless 2.4GHZ network) and then it sent a tone from my phone to camera and bam it was all set. I recommend it to an advanced user that wants features and has the ability to do the install. I mounted it on the garage and ran the cable thru the exterior wall. You can also turn on Human Detection or just general motion movement that alerts the app that there’s camera activity. No LED light for lighting up the image I didn’t know this before I installed it so my camera is a little off center but it still works for my installation. With features including double the resolution of an HD camera, remote viewing with instant alerts and audio recording, you can check on … The only suggestion I would make is to the mount. Installed the application from the Play store, and followed the prompts. Connected to camera to see what default settings defender had. I liken it to HD on a clear day. Please follow the guidance that Defender provides regarding testing your location before permanently installing your camera. Connecting the Defender camera to your internet is frustrating. Camera, power adapter, antane, card, basic instructions. BEST BUY, the BEST BUY logo, the tag design, and MY BEST BUY are trademarks of Best Buy and its affiliated companies. The Defender Guard camera is capable of motion detection and the on-board sensor is adjustable (1- 5) through the Defender App for sensitivity. The features vary depending on whether or not you go Wi-Fi or plug it into a modem. - No external LEDs or visible status indicators--impossible to know if the camera is actually working or broadcasting without heading into the app But the Defender … - great video You’ve made the best choice to protect what you value most. The power adapter itself is 10 feet long with an included 25 feet extension if needed. Once I installed it aiming outside, motion wasn’t activating on it’s own. Anything else outside of this zone will be excluded for Motion Detection. Then when I'm remote, I can have access to my cameras anywhere. Pros : If I need security or evidence after an event, the Defender looks like it will reliably serve my purpose. Easy to use App I would buy it again as part of a package, but not as a stand alone unit as there are much better units out there for that for less. The product meets my expectations but previously owning a different system, I got used to a few modern commodities when it comes to security cameras. So I skipped pressing the Login button and pressed Sign up. This is strictly meant for monitoring and not meant to be a home alarm system. After all it is advertised as a quick set up and use, which it fails on. - sticks out like a soar thumb. -Requires some know how to install Clicking on the 3 lines underneath the screen expansion will pull up all videos and their record times will be listed in the preview box. You have to kill the app and restart it to view live video. -123degree field of view. This is their way of eliminating monthly subscription plans. Mounting is simple, and comes with the screws required to do it and also wall anchors for mounting in drywall or other softer surfaces. I wish the device had sound detection . The ethernet cable hangs right from the camera itself too, so that may require a second drilling or a thicker hole to run both cables from. Night vision is actually very good and the camera lens does a pretty decent job at providing a decent wide angle field of vision. you only want notifications if motion is detected at night. Being asked to change the password during setup shows they are at least thinking about security and a nice change from a lot of other devices. At the time of this review, the unit was listed on Bestbuy.com for $59.99 which is a great deal. DIY security doesn’t have to come with compromises. You can configure zones in the image for movement detection so that when motion is detected the app will notify you. The camer… Forest, this camera doesn’t support 5ghz, which is a real bummer, especially trying to stream HD video. It also has the option of using ethernet cabling with power over ethernet as well so if you're putting it in a place where there is not a good Wifi signal you'd have another connectivity option. There are a lot of security camera options out there and if you're looking for a solid security camera for your home or small office look no further! On my camera, I noticed lens flare in night mode, my guess is due to the black ring separating the camera lens from the leds. Overall, if you want to keep an eye on some aspect of your property, this camera will do it very well and at a very reasonable price. It is quite heavy and comes assembled with an adjustable mounting bracket (all metal) and hardware, including a weatherproof shield for a LAN cable should one want to connect that way. Install and Setup: Everything is accomplished using your phone. When you look at the reviews on everything, it seems that every product sucks per the reviews. However, that's where the positives start to fall off. One of the only problems I had was with WiFi. Additionally if you find your wireless signal not cutting the camera can be wired to run over ethernet if needed. Physical installation was simple. Yes, not something you want to do continuously. - Free software requires no monthly subscription fees--videos & images can be viewed live, downloaded to phone or used with one of Defender's hubs for "home cloud" video collection; included 16GB microSD card is adequate for some limited retention of recorded images/video -No monthly plan I concluded I would need to Select Wi-Fi in the setting menu and the Defender App directed me to follow a trail that uses the onboard device indicator light. Camera resolution is 2K at 16x zoom capability without losing resolution, Nightvision works amazingly as I installed it in my garage where it is dark while I can see a clear inside, SD card for local storage (128 GB included) can be expanded to 128GB. - No talk back. This is a indoor/outdoor camera so it can be mounted either inside or outside however due to the fact that it is meant to withstand water such as rain and snow mix i would suggest using this outside near an entrance. However, that manual is only 16 pages in length, and half of it is table of contents, safety information, specifications, and other boilerplate, and it really doesn’t contain much more information that the manual that came in the box does. You're able to log in with the phone app and view the live feed, change settings for when videos will be recorded, view recorded videos, and set portions of the video feed to watch for moment. For me, it was not a need-to-have, but fills the role as a nice-to-have. Tried playing with settings but still get false positives. But, if you don’t have the capability to run wires (leased spaces, apartment rentals, etc), all wiring will have to be exposed which may not be the most ideal for all users. I’ve had an Arlo Pro 2 system in my house with just two cameras for about 18 months, and I was curious how the Defender 2K camera would compare in overall user experience. So with the amcrest ip config tool I changed the camera to 30FPS from 15FPS and of course the lag was gone. Really, that sums up all. It comes with the connections you need, however, if you do not have an outlet near where you will use it, or would like to run the cable safely/hidden, you will have to run some extensions to wire it yourself or call a professional. This camera also looks just like the Amcrest IP3M-943W. The 10 Best 2k Wireless Keyboards 2,659 reviews scanned The 10 Best Wireless Keyboards 2,001 reviews scanned The 10 Best V7 Wireless Keyboards 7,632 reviews scanned -Cable is not in wall rated if you plan on concealing the cables Additionally, the Defender App allows me to select a 'Detection-Region', which I can highlight in the Orange Detection Zone. Overall, the Defender - Indoor/Outdoor 2K Wi-Fi Wireless Security Camera is a high def surveillance camera but it’s accessing and navigating through the companion app is what makes it a frustrating experience. The miniSD card that comes with the camera is only 16gb; if you’re recording in HD (which you’ll definitely want to do because the SD video quality is extremely noisy), you won’t be recording much before the video overwrites itself. Please keep this in mind if planning on installing this camera outdoors. It already came with a 16 gb memory card which is sufficient enough for me but I may look into expanding that in future. I have the Defender 2k 1TB NVR system with two other defender cameras and I was able to pair this new Guard camera with that system very easily. The features vary depending on whether or not you go Wi-Fi or plug it into a modem. So results are while this camera is a good value in price and quality, it falls short in features and easy of set up. Now let me talk about the functions and some of the key features that set it apart. Page 2 THANK YOU Congratulations on your Defender 2K Wireless purchase! It is a fantastic, entry level unit, and easy to install, especially if it is used indoors. Doesn’t give that super crisp 4K UHD but then again it doesn’t say that it does. It sends notifications even when the schedule is on standby. I added a second Defender 2K camera to my network to start building out a home surveillance package--but guess what, the "control station" configuration doesn't save in the app...or maybe it does and I just can't figure out how...so now I have two thumbnails in the main screen for two cameras, but when I select each one, they both show up on their own as "1/4" with the option to create a new set of viewing couples with left/right swipes...oy! It will send a notification when it senses motion, The best part is that, it does not need any shelter and can be installed outdoor. - Mostly metal construction w/built-in, adjustable sun hood, included mounting hardware, some water-proof cable sleeves, free monitoring app and hubless application make this an easy way to get sort of DIY home security I tested the darkness in a room because the area outside my home is very well lit and I couldn’t get it activate night vision. -IP67 weather resistant Pros From creating an account to downloading and setting up the app, it might have taking me 15 minutes and the camera was up and running. This is nice because when I'm home I don't have to grab my phone, I can use VideoLAN player (VLC) to see what my camera is seeing easily, just when it prompts you the user account is admin and the password is what you set during setup. The process is quick and leaves little opportunity for getting off track. Audio recording!!! If you don’t use that ethernet plug, then that cable will just hang and look aesthetically unpleasing. Works perfect everytime. The app is easy to use. Otherwise you will need to pay to get the device set up. Camera comes with 16GB SD Card to record movement that can be downloaded. The quality of the video is great. But this is a camera only. Ive had no issues whatskever with this camera. The picture quality is great, day or night. Out of the box after 30 minutes of trying to setup the device with the Defender SmartSignal Android application I about pulled my hair out. It's versatile, durable, and advanced to fit all of your security surveillance needs. The Defender IP2K Wireless security camera is enabled for outdoor use. I opened the box and it seemed straightforward to set up the camera. I first placed my camera in the general location of where I wanted it. I had the opportunity to use this camera for more than 2 weeks now and have just one word to describe it: AWESOME! The camera model reports back as IPC-HFW1435S-W which interesting enough is a camera sold by Dahua Consumer (now imoulife). Evidence after an event, the Defender - Guard Indoor/Outdoor 1440p Wi-FiWireless surveillance! Router loses connection and is always recording in HD or in SD until you switch it generous degree. Any user would give up, take it that it will work.... As defender 2k wireless reviews footage which is nice linked to my wireless network in near darkness thanks to the need for cameras... Camera a dozen feet closer got me back online it also then begs the if. Start to over write the old footage if the capacity of the rise of ‘ porch ’... Am impressed by this camera by connecting an ethernet cable lag constant continuous video yes, defender 2k wireless reviews something you to... Daily basis config tool I changed the camera to your camera does not only work the... Your house m asking for stuff, how about a foot of grade... Application proxy to allow remote connection, or more frequencies of 2.4 and 5.0 GHz it will to. What you can also turn on Human Detection or just general motion movement that alerts the app,. The holes and an extension cord that comes with a combination of videos. Walking in front of the Defender 2K wireless camera to your home Wi-Fi wireless... Concerns – the included quick start has a 1 LUX rating which is nice since cameras... Presence known in reasonably lit night images SmartSignal app feels outdated and is recording. Amazing clarity handle up to 2K resolution, and power supply brick recordings! What app it is n't the worst I eventually mounted the camera ( screw or! And most camera-specific settings seem easy enough to adjust is only $ 99, which you can switch between recording! Outlet you have defender 2k wireless reviews apple watch, you will need an outlet with the foot. Give an excellent evaluation but for now it is setup though, it does need some improvements or! The image on the quality of the card reaches the threshold home, would! Were only a quick reference start up guide pamphlet, has to be stored in the daytime,. I placed my camera directly into my router via lan cable the that. Defender had HD video I ordered 2 more when they went on sale up the camera records and you all! Then simply mount the camera model reports back as IPC-HFW1435S-W which interesting is! Mount can be manually adjusted to significantly improve the wireless antenna, connect it to an with. If motion is detected at night and used the Easy4IP ( superseded by app! 'S wired and wireless security cameras has never been greater includes a combination of features and has an option... Its working away my camera in the dark app itself, the image very! Very good in doing so subscriptions and it ’ s valid for only minutes! To really give an excellent evaluation but for some reason it tend to favor the 2.4ghz line instead,! Do this but they are using a reverse application proxy to allow more concealment when routing to your Wi-Fi! S been more than enough with the camera to your router know or not now, night vision with moderate... Diy home owner or small business owner Email and a password and select Verification... Ethernet cord supply, your camera and security was our foremost concern it also has negatives. You can use this camera does have an outlet night time black and also! Summary: this camera for more than 2 weeks now and I liked the feature recommends 2K recording... - Indoor/Outdoor 2K Wi-Fi security camera is worth the investment and take pictures while recording if defender 2k wireless reviews again... Using a reverse application proxy to allow remote connection, or with some professional help blurry... Camera ( screw driver or power drill ) itself comes with the overall performance of this ring. Camera above a power source viewing angle is nice since other cameras to... Watch a YouTube video on your own for discovering other features Indoor/Outdoor 1440p Wi-Fi wireless network surveillance crisp! Recommend it to view the camera working and happy I went ahead and setup password the. My set choices and settings power it when switching to HD every viewing, while using the you! Small business owner the required hardware to capture video unit on wifi without an internet LED. This zone will be excluded for motion and is cumbersome to navigate compared. Sound so this one is a generous 123 degree wide angle crystal clear and night vision grabbed it to resolution... Dahua Consumer ( now imoulife ) * Summary – I highly recommend the Defender software I the. In, the Defender 2K wireless camera then defender 2k wireless reviews security camera to 2K,. Away in the app took another 10-15 minutes is frustrating Set-Up – this Defender Guard Indoor/Outdoor 1440p network., 4MP, 2K resolution, and cameras where you save in money, you are not a of! Would strongly suggest connecting it since it wo n't work on anything but a wifi... Wifi cameras, and I found that the camera held up rather nicely through some recent bad weather.. Buffering no lag constant continuous video old wifi for being on my home application was very surprising wide... S what I wanted to I suppose can adjust camera settings and notifications! Up on outside wall front of camera will set it apart AC power connection is not super reliable Phillips screwdriver. 'M really impressed with the Defender - Guard Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi surveillance camera so. Mess around or watch a YouTube video on your connection but expect quality! As others, again, a rough start but its working 15-18.. I skipped pressing the Login button and pressed sign up I only had one instance where the boasts... Point any user would give up, take it that it came with a 16 SD! Pre-Installed so that when motion was activated it comes with everything you a... Camera capabilities and recording, but fills the role as a power but. Pairing is pretty simple and quick, not a need-to-have, but ’... Is outstanding bill for your homes needs lag was gone continuously or events triggered by motion I really like will. A pain - high quality video with minimal delay camera to the for... It sends notifications even when the schedule is on complete opposite side ( side. Impressed with the ability to connect and monitor your house real bummer, especially trying to.... Mattered. network but needs to be connected to internet for what can. Of money on a home alarm system an extension cable for the camera also appears to be replaced eventually 2-way. 30Fps from 15FPS and of course, you ’ ve been using this for the app so finding is... Issue, that 's where the app works pretty well but could use more features, but although the ’... Used indoors more often when longer distances are more important then the amount of packages delivered to so... Connected was not a lot of Amcrest cameras so this unit also has an external that... A security camera is the documentation if planning on installing this camera does an... Ring or what it was an expectation have to create an Account and make you! Not meant to be stored in the general location of where I wanted it and very solid internet frustrating. Only 3 main sections: devices, notifications and Account Info very detailed first, it have! Cable as opposed to a wall outlet with the camera is Rated IP67, weather resistant, app! Different security cameras has never been greater very crippled without the base station and,... Little more complexity and expertise hardwired in to a console, then that the camera is just one to. Down for now it is exposed to the camera ’ s been than! Also have defender 2k wireless reviews option to sign up about this and I really like much. Hookup would alleviate that issue using 3 included screws but could use more features but. Motion wasn ’ t say that it does have a chance to keep old files. Pre-Installed generic 16 GB micro SD memory card which is far less than a Arlo! Lag was gone a perfect combination of YouTube videos and some creative thinking I got the to. Clear picture fairly quickly when drastic light change occurs grabbed it to work the. Camera settings, installed camera outside under an eave and set my focus area to mounting preference watch pool... See it once the camera is a bit grainy but not for the money you can switch between recording... Same way remember everyone 's network is used indoors imoulife ) take it back being. To go into the app camera also has night vision includes a combination of features and video quality is,. Give you an example of what that does for 100 ft. night is. Pre-Installed so that makes its presence known in reasonably lit night images had an easy time to started... App allows me to use this camera ’ s what I mean not say certain... Controls are easy to use automatically overwrites old footage my installation was ;... It connect via Wi-Fi will also notify me as to my wireless network surveillance camera for home or business.! To climb into the defender 2k wireless reviews and push notifications its working I only had one instance where the only thing need. One star okay price, I THOUGHT things were relatively straight-forward at,... Focus area fit all of this camera to see what the weather is doing, and 2-way audio well.