So to all of you have a wonderful day. “Regular” English and Korean versions on surface glance appear to be the same song...but placed side-by-side not only juxtapose the difference in language, but a difference in meaning. If “Simon” says to do something, you better act fast. Example: This is all misplaced resentment or immaturity gone rampant, using NCT 127 as the target because they STAND OUT. Not by a long shot. a children's game in which all players must imitate only those movements and commands of a leader that are preceded by the words “Simon says.”. The fandoms I am about to reference I actually am a part of. When it says life is meaningless, it is only referring to life “under the sun” 2. This game has translated across multiple cultures from seemingly common routes and some international versions also use the name Simon such as: sort form. I’m like a human cyborg of pop-culture analysis that stretches movies, tv, gaming, and music and the cultures surrounding them. So let me say a teacher and a mother it is very important to stay true to yourself. A simon will go to the end of the world and back just to please the person he loves and when he loves someone, will make them feel special everyday and always be loyal. However, rock and roll aims to piss off the establishment, rejecting the norm...even if it finds popularity with a mass audience. If you feel you may take offense, or that this is trying to cause a’s best you STOP READING.**]. We wear masks to “fit in” or disguise our true nature. But the key to everything that everyone misses in this comeback is in the lyrics...that message of rejecting the establishment, being true to themselves by removing their masks, and...“pay no attention” to the haters. Last 100 years Best example would be BTS “Mic Drop”. Teacher would say, Simon says put your hands on your knees (head, toes, touch your nose, touch your ears etc.) The same applies to music! This is the British English definition of Simon says.View American English definition of Simon says.. Change your default dictionary to American English. Girls, rub on your titties (yeah!) Last 300 years, Most material © 2005, 1997, 1991 by Penguin Random House LLC. Their sound is more Western influenced than other Kpop groups out there...but their main glory are the hidden theories in their concepts. These bands and filmmakers would have an artistic aesthetic that would span more than just an album, but can be seen across their entire careers. It acknowledges that they’re being watched from a distance and even finds it amusing that haters take such a strong interest in what they do. When it says life is meaningless, it is only referring to life “under the sun”. This song is based on the game. And the visual design of every single’s release is saturated with thematic colorings, creating eye candy that leans closer to art than “uwu”. It’s “hyper-progressive”! Those kinds of listeners must have an open-mind when experiencing other types of music. By far of all the critic reviews of “Simon Says”, I think this nails it on the head. They aren’t clueless. But lots of bands do that. But if you really think about it ...THIS is NCT. Instead of giving the haters a big ol’ “fuck you” like rap culture or “Mic Drop” does...”Simon Says” invites the haters to come join them. The Regular-Irregular album is NCT 127’s first demonstration of a concept that breaks conformity and displays artistic development. Simon Says is one of the best games to teach your child good listening skills as each command requires listening to sets of information: They have to identify if they must follow the command or not. This quickly divided the Kpop community’s opinions on NCT, leaving many traditional Kpop stans confused and struggling to grasp the purpose of the concept. It is built for video pros with its deep integration with Adobe Premiere Pro, FCPX, Avid Media Composer, and other NLEs. You may not know, but I spent my college years studying art, music, literature, rhetoric & philosophy, communications, and my primary focus was in film and pop culture theory, focused on screen-writing. bts didnt blow up because of their "western" music IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MUSIC. View usage for: Yes, BTS songs are complex and sophisticated in their own right. Kpop is not just something I love to listen to...I like to study the trends and communities surrounding it. They are telling everyone in how they present their visuals that they know they are forward to cross, jump, and traverse any genre or ideology they deem worthy to tackle with perfection and ease. It has heavy Western influences, it mixes multiple genres in a single song...and NCT 127 music specifically was always hard-hitting using these techniques in an unnatural fashion. Lyrics submitted by Ice. Internal Affairs is the solo debut from former Organized Konfusion member Pharoahe Monch, released on Rawkus Records and Priority Records.Monch creates a harder sound than heard on the previous Organized Konfusion records. SM has been trying MULTIPLE TIMES with so many groups for over a decade to make it big in america and they fail each time. But what they create is easy for the masses to follow. This is where TIMING makes “Simon Says” significant. just because u throw in a small compliment before hating on them indirectly doesnt mean shit you're just a hater continuing to undermine bts' success. Again, this follows the juxtaposition of two different ideas and feelings much like they used in the initial Regular-Irregular release, using polar opposites to establish balance. “The song leads off with sampling taken from Maori haka, serving as an introduction to the declarative nature of “Simon Says.” With sprightly bass beats driving much of the track, the members taunt haters with exaggerated verses and raps, effectively turning the new single into a seemingly autobiographical clapback at NCT 127’s naysayers who ‘think you know it all.’”, NCT 127 Pay No Attention to Haters in Dramatic ‘Simon Says’ Video: Watch. The album spawned the Hot 100 hit "Simon Says". As we NCTzens all know, with the exception of NCT 2018 , there is no primary NCT group that promotes music. The tradition behind the use of 'Simon' as the controller of the game may trace back to the year 1264, when at the Battle of Lewes, Simon de Montfort captured King Henry III and his son, the future King Edward I. EXO-Ls and other fandoms of senior SM artists place blame that their bias groups aren’t promoted as much due to SM spending too much time on NCT promotions. Special Series Simon Says Well, let’s look at these three points briefly. This is where NCT and their NCTzens come in. With this head full of useless knowledge, I wanna give czennies my analysis of the significance of NCT 127 and the song “Simon Says” to modern pop music. It’s always been that way... K-Netizens think the songs are kinda strange or the concept aesthetic not appealing or don’t fit a “norm” of KPop beauty standards. Many NCTzens have often found this funny, cracking jokes and thinking “yeah, right!” Especially because most of those songs allude to more sexual ideas that aren’t as accepted in the politically conservative environment of Korea and Kpop. BTS may declare their feelings openly, but NCT is under the watchful eye of SM...and to do the same must be more clever in their approach. What does simon says mean? As NCT’s popularity has risen, they have obviously received flack from other fandoms... including fellow label-mate fandoms. Hope this gave you newer or deeper appreciation for our boys of NCT 127. Love yourself. Don't forget to eat healthy, workout. by Penguin Random House LLC and HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, a game in which each player writes down a part of a story, folds over the paper, and passes it on to another player who continues the story. But I do not believe in blind-faith. Even as BTS creates newer music that redefines the Kpop genre...all of it is safely palatable for a wide-scope audience. :grimacing: :green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart: Our boys are making history :sob: :clap: :clap: :clap: we’re blessed to be living in the same time as them haha. Simon says(Noun) A children's game where players must carry out only those commands that are preceded by the utterance "Simon says". Probably better...might help you take me more seriously. The film opens with a clip from the past featuring two young boys playing with toys. Most important ALWAYS BE HUMBLE AND KIND. a children's game where players have to carry out a particular action that is preceded by the phrase ' Simon says '. Trends don’t start because everyone does it, but because a few individuals are doing something unique. They parade their rap and vocals with confidence, using their old style while also introducing us to new rap flows and giving the vocals more time to shine in technical prowess. It gives the iconic NCT 127 look while pushing the boundaries. If you click out of order, you have to start over again. Again, a completely unheard of move in the Kpop community. So...isn’t that copying then? And they are using all the tools in their arsenal to do it. Released with their repackaged album ‘Regulate’ on November 23, … Eight Gaelic words from the Collins English Dictionary. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. William Butler Yeats, The Second Coming, Pandemic, Meaning 100 Years Later NPR's Scott Simon reflects on what a 100 year-old poem by William Butler Yeats means today. But the influences in the music come from genres people find familiarity in that derive from pre-existing music; sounds and songs we know we like to hear mixed together with the Kpop brand that BTS presents. BTS's humble and down to earth personalities is why ARMY is the most loyal fandom. Mexican Slang and proverbs, Meaning of ¡Simón!, Spanish Translation, Definitions, Spanish Slang Dictionary, ¡Simón! THIS is also a much better and smarter way to copy Western culture and music...much like the rock bands of the 70s, 80s, and 90s or the auteur filmmakers of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. #GiveThanksToChallenge ...because I thank you, NCT 127, for taking pop music to undiscovered territories that no one dares to venture. It’s almost mocking the Western ideology of money and fame when it is compared to the lyrics of “Regular (Korean Version)”. My daughter got me into the music. And best of all it's ad free, so sign up now and start using at home or in the classroom. Any kind of garbage can be a smash hit nowadays! can take that idea even further back with the creation of SM Rookies, because it is not common place to provide the type of experience and promotional opportunities to trainees in most companies, even the other Big 3. We have almost 200 lists of words from topics as varied as types of butterflies, jackets, currencies, vegetables and knots! With the construction of NCT as a group since before debut, the sub-units were decided. And the “irregular” style of their music is usually better received internationally than in Korea. For me, to be a more supportive and intuitive stan...perspective is key! these small bands are no competition. Pop music appeals to the aims to please a BROAD audience. Simon Says is a 2006 horror film, directed by William Dear (Angels in the Outfield, Harry and the Hendersons) and stars Crispin Glover and Margo Harshman.It was premiered at Fantastic Fest on 24 September 2006 and on DVD in the U.S. 26 June 2009.. 3. This can be categorized by some as one of those “unpopular opinion” blogs... With the release of “Simon Says”, NCT 127 has stamped the music world with their iconic brand of music and concept that NCTzens have often heard people say “only a band like NCT can pull off.”. On the surface...the message of “Simon Says” is to ignore the rules set by society and to be true to yourself. They’re also extremely aware that the music they create is loved by music industry critics...which should be more important than numbers. Don’t be rude now :massage: ‍♀ :green_heart: . Tips On How To Be a Great Simon It shouldn’t be THAT simple. means Reply to: yomalee :sunflower: oH yOu aRe nAnA? The song is about having an imaginary friend that really gets you and you really relate to them but everyone else can’t see them so they think you’re totally crazy. Will always give out gum or sweets for no reason other than to be nice. The important mention that makes this critic stand out is saying “autobiographical clapback”. (By the way, it’s not a new thing to do to compose lyrics this way, but getting youth culture to appreciate the lyricism of older music is difficult nowadays.) Plot. Very true! Simon Says Definition-1- The classic electronic memory game. They‘re the guys who really have a reason to “clapback” their feelings...they exude the very essence of rebellious rock and roll. NCT 127 is hyper-progressive...choosing to forego the atypical Kpop aesthetic of “swag” vs “aegyo” and relying instead on artistic integrity. Simon Says is a popular game played by children where whoever has the role of "Simon" commands the other players to perform specific actions, which must only be followed if preceded by the phrase "Simon Says." they have the american sound u keep associating bts with? ...An analysis of the meaning of “Simon Says” and the significance of NCT 127 to Pop Music. These methods of storytelling are all strategies used by classic rock bands of the 70s and 80s. 1. :joy: But in this blog I want to be a little less “extra” and a lot more gritty. NCT was becoming more self-aware. That is why EXO-Ls are such a juggernaut of a fandom too...and often butt heads with ARMY. At least, they were making this self-awareness known publicly. But if you want to take things up a notch, look at these tips on how to be a great Simon! Meaning of simon says. The visual concept is the same in its approach. The dreaming of riches in “Regular (English Version)” uses tons of slang to grab the attention of young and simple-thinking audiences. And this shows that NCT 127 is changing. They then have to listen to understand what they must do. We wear masks to “fit in” or disguise our true nature. English is a language that has seen its vocabulary shaped and influenced by many neighbouring tongues from across the globe over the course of time…including some that are a bit closer to home. But it raised them to a higher artistic level...the level of an auteur. Of American-English origin, Simon says denotes a children’s game in which players must obey the leader’s instructions only if they are prefaced with the words Simon says; it also denotes the command itself. NCT 127 may be a Kpop group, but their ideology leans towards that of rock and roll...yet to survive in the Kpop world they wear a mask to blend in...because it helps gain the Kpop audience acceptance and they are essentially SM artists. That isn’t the conclusion of the matter. ◦ the American Music Awards Red Carpet with “Regular, huh” dance move, my ass! They know it’s only a matter of time until they become “mine, mine, mine” and they will gladly wait it out until that time comes. dont compare these flops nct and exo to bts. I would just suggest in the future not to say negative things about a group to convey your thoughts on a song. Their biggest breakout hit “Cherry Bomb” wasn’t initially well-received by the general public...even if it gets rave critic reviews. Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Simon Says. Listeners that gravitate to BTS find that familiarity while they discover something “new” and only need to accept changes to a different language. It helps bring music back to the foundations of what constituted songwriting. It’s not. They often have green-ish eyes and brown hair. Just look at the movie industry and the hot-mess of duds raking in millions while poignant masterpieces go relatively unknown because no one was watching. This is NCT 127’s first strike towards being “singled-out” in the public eye. ‘Charles is a sophomore in high school now, and he is still determined that he will not play Simon Says.’ ‘But in his effort to find a way to be true to himself, Charles becomes caught in a tragic game of Simon Says that will ultimately leave one student dead.’ ‘Adapt the game of Simon Says for use as part of a unit on the human body.’ It’s like watching moody modern artwork come to life. BTS (except for the language) sounds often times reminiscent of current Western music trends. (It’s not that they write their own music. Mood and tone is consistent, allowing these artists to be notable by their style, but they expressed themselves progressively by varying their style through experimentation while remaining in the realm of the world they have created. As far as their music it has a lot of sounds that I grew up with in the 80's and 90's. Since debut with NCT U’s “The 7th Sense”, the entire concept and dynamic of NCT as a whole has been progressive. But it is this very “dogging” and hate from fandoms who think they’re copying bands like BTS mainly due to their recent American crossover activities and criticism for their unique music style that blinds the world of the genius and potential laying within NCT. And digging deeper, rock and roll historically takes root in rebellion, thriving in that uncomfortable place of inner-desires that are set free and spoken aloud where people dare not in the real world. The choreography is memorable, and switches flawlessly between stiff military-like moves to loose “swag” to create confidence. From the album art straying from conventional headshot aesthetics... the experimentation of the NCT 127 sound which not only diversified the samplings of songs offered on the album, but created music that transcends beyond what is considered Kpop or pop. "if luck were different could easily swap places with BTS if marketed similarly to the public." One speaks of riches (the dream), the other more modestly speaks of hard work to achieve a goal (the reality). All of the comparisons to BTS by ARMY that they are copying the American crossover and promotions. For sure!!! Songs break structure, use jarring instrumentals that can be unnerving, and push deep bass and beats that could pop eardrums. The object of the game is to copy Simon's moves, each time you correctly match the lights and sounds, another light & sound is added. But today’s pioneers are credited as BTS...not NCT 127. But IT IS characteristic of groups like BTS, who repeatedly make these songs even when no one is talking smack about them. Or when the boys give an explanation about the meaning of the song, they say something acceptable to the public? It’s good to have a diverse song selection that still fits a theme!! When the Empathy album released at the beginning of the year, it was not only to introduce the new roster and yearbook...but also showcase the change in direction. Queens is in the back sipping 'gnac, y'all, what's up? The first pangs start early in December with the nostalgia rush I get upon spotting dinky net bags of mixed nuts for sale. Those kinds of listeners like music that appeal to a mass audience, easily digestible. And that is where NCT 127 falls in. But before I explain, I want to dive into more back explanation... [**TRIGGER WARNING: I am by no means an anti-fan of any fandoms. NCT 127 have become the real “underdogs”. **NOTE: I do not own any/all images used in this blog. Simon Says is the classic game that can be used anywhere from a day at the beach, to a long car ride or even a simple ice breaker. a children’s game in which players should only do what a person says if he/she says ‘Simon says…’ at the beginning of the instruction Topics Games and toys c2 See Simon says in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary Check pronunciation: Simon says As awesome as this is to NCTzens, it makes them stand out like sore thumbs amongst the other Kpop groups in the industry. And with all the hate from the public and other isn’t surprising when you hear criticism call them the “golden children” for being given all opportunities to succeed. NCT 127 breaks boundaries and usual look and style in title song, ‘Simon Says’. Last 10 years New Year’s Eve is traditionally when we fix our gaze firmly forward in hope, having cast a backward glance at the year just ended. Extremely amazing band with just as large of a following, and if luck were different could easily swap places with BTS if marketed similarly to the public. noun. (Yes, I’m finally getting back to my beginning statements.). Credit goes to my fellow NCTzens of NCTA and SM Entertainment. But not like NCT’s sub-unit only structure. But not the music of our boys of NCT 127. Simon says we’re real vibe killers. (And if you like this analysis, check out my NCT Analysis Wiki.). The title track of ‘Simon Says‘ is a reference to the children’s game, in which you follow along the directions of the leader to their followers.In the video, just as the song kicks in, Taeyong can be seen in the middle, while the other members are moving around a circle in sync. “Simon Says” is definitely a “clapback” song. Simon says be cool (be cool) Don’t be such a fool (nah) [태용 /All] Simon says 우린 real vibe killer ([재현 /All] Killer killer killer) [태용 /All] Simon says 우린 real vibe killer ([재현 /All] Killer killer killer) [유타 /All] 너네들은 다 mine mine mine mine mine [유타 /All] 너네들은 다 mine mine mine mine mine Sometimes to even fill a lull in activities to continue to generate fan interest if not all members would be available...the reasons being endless. BTS ARMY always make claims that NCT is constantly trying to copy them. Simon Says song meanings Add your thoughts No Comments. 1. It’s filled with lyrics that grab the attention of young listeners who aren’t used to lyrics that talk about more than just sex, drugs, and money. The word “meaningless” is a really unhelpful word to use. Most of color-palette is muted—cold or earth-toned—and then highlighted with the extreme vibrancy of an over-saturation of red and green complementary colors, feeling like a child who dug their crayons hard into the paper and colored over the lines. And they wanna call-out glaring eyes currently judging them in the last couple months because they know this is all just misplaced anger. After several stages, the resulting (nonsensical) stories are read out, a children's game where players have to carry out a particular action that is preceded by the phrase 'Simon says', a game in which the players must repeat the actions of the leader, a party game in which players walk around chairs while music is played, there being one fewer chair than players. Information and translations of simon says in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Our new online dictionaries for schools provide a safe and appropriate environment for children. On the surface...the message of “Simon Says” is to ignore the rules set by society and to be true to yourself. LMAOOO just stop you're embarrassing. And that is what led to the giant growth of the BTS ARMY. NCT 127 talks about being “vibe killers” as a way of rejecting these standards and having faith in what they do despite unpopular opinions. i agree and i like what you had to say, but you didnt need to drag BTS to prove your point. They know what’s happening between the fandoms even if they don’t show how much it might bother them. Amaze your friends with your new-found knowledge! their legendary and huge success is due to CONNECTING WITH FANS which is something SM has never been able to do, ive never seen exo talk late upon hours and hours with their fans on social media despite being busy. The sour SM fandoms who think NCT get all the attention from their company to do promotions. The outfits and set design are trendy to match streetwear fashion but laced with frilly couture. I always tell my daughter not to worry about what others think of her.