1. Almost every state’s marriage license expires within a certain number of days after it is issued by the county clerk. (Legally a ceremony consists of five (5) people - the couple, the officiant and a witness for the bride and groom. Currently, the marriage license fee in the State of New Hampshire is $50. Blood Tests are not required. Please visit nyc.gov/Cupid to begin your virtual marriage license process. Change your Social Security card. Marriage ID Requirement in NH: Marriage license fee is $70.00 if either applicant is a Delaware resident (proof of address is required); $120.00 fee if neither applicant is a Delaware resident. Costs The marriage license fee is … Marriage licenses are available exclusively on Project Cupid. 2. The marriage license expires 30 days from and including the date of issuance, after which it automatically becomes null and void. You must perform the ceremony of marriage before this 60 days has expired. Arrangement for the wedding must be set PRIOR to applying for a marriage license. Marriage ceremonies must continue to be arranged through private marriage officiants. Call the clerk's office where your license was filed to get copies if one wasn't automatically sent to you. DO NOT change any information on the license, cross out information, use white-out, etc., as that will require the payment for and issuance of a duplicate marriage license. Before you can change your name, you'll need the original (or certified) marriage license with the raised seal. Get your marriage license. Please see our Updated FAQ’s for more information. After marriage and having signed the marriage license, the wedding officiant will mail it to the proper county office and a week or a fortnight later it will be processed. Contact the County Clerk’s Office if you have questions about completing the marriage license and/or incorrect information contained on the marriage license. After the wedding, the license is signed by both the couple and the minister and needs to be returned to the government office that issued it for filing. Marriage License Requirements: Per Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 122.200, “Any person who shall make a false statement in procuring a marriage license with reference to any matter required by NRS 122.040 and 122.050 to be stated under oath shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor.” A marriage license must be obtained at least 24 hours prior to the wedding ceremony (Residents and Non-Residents). ). A marriage certificate, on the other hand, usually has an artistic, polished appearance and includes much less information than a marriage license. Certified copies of the marriage certificate can be obtained for a fee from the City/Town Clerk where the license was filed. The marriage license fee is set by RSA 457:29 and payable to the clerk at the time the intentions are filed. Marriage license fees can be reduced by up to $32.50 if you complete a licensed Florida pre-marital course. Many states, like Wisconsin, say a license is valid for 30 days, others, like California, issue a marriage license for as long as 90 days. Marriage license is valid for 60 days after issuance. Then a form is filled out and a small fee paid to request for the official document copies.