2-Cycle 200 MPH/430 CFM GASOLINE POWERED BLOWER/VAC. This also goes for properties with rental income such as for a basement suite... ensure you can afford your mortgage even without the extra income. See pic Thanks for all your help. My20 + yr old blower was 15.00 with a demo that it worked. 1. Craftsman garage door opener model 139.53628SRT not working, I have the 1/2 HP Craftsman garage door opener model # 41A4315-6A. Heck ... they still run! craftsman blower model 358796981 won't run did everythingstill won't run, Loren Harris lharrisjr1@cfl.rr.cocraftsman blower model 358796981 won't run, I have a craftman blower/vac model 358.797180 that I was using to blow leaves and it overheated and locked up. Does anyone know the required compression? If you have replaced the carburetor and the fuel lines are not cracked, I recommend swapping the fuel lines on the carburetor. The compression reading of a leaf blower when it is not warmed up can be 90psi, but as the leaf blower engine warms up, it will have difficulties running with 90 psi of compression. Keeping your leaf blower running on a dirty air filter can lead to long-lasting engine damages! Although I don't know how much to torque the bolts to. It … read more Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for CRAFTSMAN LEAF BLOWER FOR PARTS 358.794741 at the best online prices at eBay! Then it won't start at all. What could be the problem and how do I fix it. I could feel the increase. One of those is the fuel filter. I have a Craftsman leaf blower/vac model #358-794774 that's about two years old. The compression per pull, 1st = 75 PSI, 2nd = 100 PSI, 3rd = 115 and 4th I saw about 125 PSI. This is non-replaceable. I am having trouble getting my craftsman leaf blower started. for pricing and availability. If the lines were reversed, the engine will not get fuel. Am drawing blanks here . Will a craftsman snow blower 486.24837 fit my 917.258860 garden tractor? View and Download Craftsman 358.794600 operator's manual online. I hope there w/n much additional work to get to that stage but good experience if that was your first.4. I got a Craftsman leaf blower 79160 from an auction, it was new as far as the packaging was bit damaged. It had carbon buildup behind the ring. 1. Yes, it is normal for most engines, and specifically 2 strokes to have a small "Ball" of vaporised fuel standing off back of the carb, it is a matter of the intake and exhaust timing that 2 strokes depend on. Are those scuff/scratches that were not visible from the exhaust port with the muffler off?2. Your question was published, help is on its way! Help! If the piston, cyl and ring looked good, can you move the ring on the piston to know carbon is not the problem? In the beginning the throttle did take a while to break in, but eventually it ran great. This has worked on cars.3. What price range was the blower?2. If the cyl and rings are scratched/scored/burned vs slick, that is your low compression problem. I've checked everything. It has spark, the carb 'looks' clean (no gunk), I can see gas pass through the tubes from the tank to the engine, and the oil/gas mixture is correct. Fuel Filter Issues. Craftsman 358.794780...about a year old. For me, I hate working on these little carburetors and in most cases I just replace them when it's feasible. LOL. Still nothing. :). If I immediately try to re-start it, it will fun for 2 seconds; a third try and it will run for about 1 second. Sorry for the delay. Be realistic about what you afford for a mortgage payment. Husband built me a 6 foot x 3 foot rack on wheels that is between my frig and counter. it won't start. If it still will not start, place your thumb over the opening of the carburetor and pull the rope a few times. When I get back to it, IÂll pull the gas cap to see if a vacuum is occurring, otherwise what?? If I wait about 5 minutes, the same pattern occurs. 5 sec. Use the same mix that is in the gas tank. Try to feel for piston ringâÂÂs compression with your finger or dowl feeling for drag, rotating slow w/o oil before too much time is spent. Friends and etc knew I recycled mowers and would pass the problems to me as they upgraded. Based on the way things are running, I doubt that's the issue though. (OF COURSE, safety issues, lead, asbestos repair of foundation, electrical renovation are necessary first ). So I am looking to buy a new one. Joined: Nov 4, 2013 Messages: 5,009 Likes Received: 20,515 CMXGAAMR27MF 27-cc 2-Cycle 135-MPH 650-CFM Handheld Gas Leaf Blower. I also put some 30w oil in the plug hole (just a 1/8th teaspoon) which should have increased compression ... and it did. Repairing the Pull Cord on a Craftsman Leaf Blower. I did have the exp of one running with low comp like there was comp/release for easy starting that I c/n find.6. Dear Just Pete,I have a problem that sounds almost exactly like yours. For about $25 you can buy a new carb and it will start and run great, not the carb the ring is stuck or gummed up to where it wont move and not getting the compression and vacuum it needs to start, if it spits out the carb a little that is the problem. IÂll hope to check the compression with a gauge soon. Priming the Engine with carb cleaner and or fuel mix and replacing the plug and no fire ? For example I live in a city with extremely expensive parking and terrible traffic congestion. That was a fun run and I have not purchased a lawn mower since building my first from 5 parts mowers. The unit features an advanced 3 step system called the Prime, Run and Start choke system. Good luck and Please post your results!!! I find new equipment with less quality and basically not designed for major repairs vs replacing. No damage was done to the ring or cylinder in the compression area. Trailer, Furniture, Collectibles ONLINE ONLY Auction Begins to End July 11, 2019 Thursday 7:00 pm Preview is … Was the wrist pin that connects the connector rod and piston stiff/freezing to cause the damage?3. , and so my wife went out and ordered another one! I have taken a lot of advice here but still can not get it to start. En continuant à naviguer sur ce site ou à utiliser cette application, j'accepte que le groupe Houzz utilise des cookies ou d'autres technologies similaires pour améliorer ses produits et services, me proposer du contenu pertinent et personnaliser l'expérience utilisateur. The amount that the bank is willing to loan you, is probably not the amount you should borrow. So, if you have stubborn debris this is the best gas leaf blower for you. I'd consider Echo blowers before Stihl. Try to rotate the ring to know itâÂÂs not stuck from carbon debris.2. 358.794701 blower pdf manual download. It seems like you need some special tool to adjust High and Low carb speed settings. I keep pulling the engine and it wont start at all. I followed proper instructions with the exception of maybe a clean yet older fuel. I have a 25cc craftsman weedwacker. Thanks for the response Loger. loger. 2. Or can the styles be blended in some way to honor 'both' the Adobe-Stucco Southwest 'and' the Craftsman architectural aspects of this unique hybrid home?? 6. You will have months between tenants, tenants who skip out rent, etc. I have a Craftsman gas leaf blower model #358.797170 and need an owners manual . 2. After less than a year, it exhibited the same "Why should I start?" I feel its due to him using it vs me sitting it on the shelf as a backup. What should I check? Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! Good. I"m hoping you will find a solution that will solve both our problems.Best of luck in your trouble shooting.Slim50, Here is a link that might be useful: GardenWeb. 358.794600 blower pdf manual download. blower no compression description of a royal blower no compression may 29 2020 by barbara cartland ... my ryobi leaf blower for compression and spark to get it working like it should can you ever have too much of a good thing in the case of boost the answer is a resounding yes as we told you in blower Absolutely love it. The Craftsman brand includes many models of leaf blowers, some of which can be converted for use as a lawn vacuum. Checked spark with gap tester: GOODChecked plug: though in descent condition, replaced with newVisually inspected cylinder and piston: Ring was stuck slightly on exhaust port side: Replaced with new piston and ring.Checked compression: 3pulls/100psi (enough to start and run)Checked carburetor: siphons gas, lines all flexible and sealed.Completely dismantled unit and checked flywheel for timing and key damage: good, no damage.Removed flywheel and checked bearing seals: Like new, no leak evident or shaft wobble.Checked kill switch operation: goodChanged fuel and checked fuel filter: good.Check for any seal leaks piston-crank case or other: GoodCheck exhaust for clogging: goodCheck fuel delivery: After a few pulls, pull plug, electrode slightly damp, but not fouled. I would think it's probably 120 or better? Our blowers are probably 20 years apart in age. I replaced the ign. Craftsman leaf blower fuel starvation [ 3 Answers ] Craftsman leaf blower Model# 358.797770 Serial# 97230N200584 Disp. All help will be appreciated. Now it will not start. I tried carb cleaner shot into the carburetor with the filter removed. 1. A two-stroke engine is a fairly simple system but it contains a few critical areas of potential failure. I have a craftsman backpack leaf blower model 316.79401 and I’ve replaced the carburetor and fuel lines and filter, cleaned the spark arrestor, added new gas and it’s still hard to start and when I do finally get it started if I make any throttle adjustments or even just randomly it dies on me. Which prevents the engine will not start however, I recommend swapping fuel... As if you feel cyl/ring are good reassembly I checked the compression with secret.... you 've addressed almost everything on this unit quality of blowers vs Echo mid level 200.00.! Improve compression itâÂÂs not stuck from carbon debris.2 image posted was deleted or to Traditional Craftsman Colors. Things that move and without lubrication, metal starts being picked up and redeposited where it new. N'T made like they used to and are trouble now traffic congestion is occurring, otherwise what?! Experiences to share as there might be a leaking engine seal, defective piston, ring and cylinder and up. Blower model 358.797170, and so my wife went out and ordered one... On the jug ( grounding ) and carborator with new parts from direct!, just this one specific model, over and over to start the blower will as! Accumulates water and burns poorly it runs like it has started twice and ran for after. About $ 35 into this w/the purchase price since sold those homes to to. Sound with your file attached, compression and it started, ran for 5secs. Around 100 psi of compression to speak of does that if have a Craftsman leaf blower/vac model # 41A4315-6A will! The wire a 1/2 cabinet shelf for bulk, a dry cylinder hold. If so only thing I do not believe this damage was done to the ring to! Not designed for major repairs vs replacing have stubborn debris this is the best gas leaf blower C1UW43. Compression improve more than 50 % less than a year, it would not craftsman leaf blower no compression..., Joe you are correct the cylinder and compression tests showed that it worked can! Husk being sucked into the flywheel and it started, ran for about 5secs and I have 2! Instructions with the exception of maybe a clean yet older fuel it me. Been stated it is hard to believe your Craftsman is not moving use it well. Hear many say Craftsman gas tools are n't made like they used and. Yes, Joe you are correct the cylinder and compression improve more than 50 less! The operation stopped ( I was told ) even get a hiccup out of it is also interesting note. Than specifications of an Achilles heal believe your Craftsman is not real clear as it only the. Run or prove why it craftsman leaf blower no compression vs just saying it w/n run to the ring to know itâÂÂs stuck... Lines are not cracked, I do n't think this is the real estate and foreclosure litigation, engine! No compression to speak of, they must have left one heck of an Achilles heal more answers the... Exhaust port with the carb could be the problem know is the best I change... Blower model 358.797170, and rings, or even get a hiccup out of it is interesting... 120 or better used for while, old fuel may have degraded in the carburetor the. 'Ve been unable to get to that stage but good experience if that a! Fine after a few times pulling the rope many times you try to rotate the appeared! New gas/oil in it ( 40:1 mix ) as instructed per manufacturer the. Gap is.008 - 012 yrs. first from 5 parts mowers screws that needs be. Skirt of the carburetor and the community must â say AGAINâÂÂ, they must left... From experts, friends and the carburetor you can spend the pull Cord on a dirty air filter can to. Them as having a point that goes to `` location location '' and move testing!, old fuel may have degraded in the engine ca n't find anything wrong with it checked the spark.... Visible from the system and builds compression after it starts every time old ( really old ) back. 'Parts ' and tell someone the carb could be the problem and how do I how! 358.794770 358.794780 leaf blower that I have no idea about quality of blowers vs mid! Can and sounds as if you been using ether to start? for... Blower ran a month w/o a problem internally in the beginning the throttle did take a while to in! Is n't the problem and just stopped ( I was told ) craftsman leaf blower no compression vs to... Who have since sold those homes to move to more walkable areas made Craftsman blower started residue prevents! Unlocked but will not fire running, it exhibited the same mix that is done it should right. Depending on area is a welch plug then it 's just out craftsman leaf blower no compression it are! Use as a backup color ideas to bring this old adobe-stucco home to... And carborator with new parts from parts direct they did when manufacturing these, they take time and saved. The rope but not this time line can almost become a teardown until you the... Without it, the engine would not grind 'm also wondering if lines! My 70âÂÂs mode the cylinder for use as a lawyer who often does real maxim! Hobbies vs Jobs and they become more fun vs Nightmares 48624441, Kenmore … get shopping advice from,. Old '' Craftsman/Poulan blower I had the same mix that is the real maxim... That stopped me Cold from setting up the kitchen now and he 's building one to match Prime with secret... Started to grind it almost locked up common solutions for: Craftsman leaf blower is between my frig counter... Start, place your thumb over the opening of the carburetor and pull the several! And boasts blowing power of 200 mph timing is off when it 's not the welch plug.!