Heroes Next Door

Recognizing the neighbors who make a difference in our lives


Submit Your Recognition Here | Past LES Community Heroes


Lower East Siders have a long history of stepping up to take care of neighbors and friends when events, news, or crises hit, sending ripples through our community’s well-being.


This year, we encourage you all to submit a recognition that honors an effort made to go above and beyond as our neighborhood navigates COVID-19.


These Heroes Next Door are the neighbors, families, and even community groups who are contributing to maintain the resilience and strength of our Lower East Side.


These recognitions, with permission from those they are honoring, will be posted publicly here on The People’s LES site alongside recognized heroes from past years.


Submissions are now open on a rolling basis, and there will be no cap on the number of people honored. As always, nominations are open to organizations and individuals residing in the historical boundaries of the Lower East Side which includes Loisaida, East Village, Two Bridges, and Chinatown. Those recognized should be residents, workers, or groups in the same neighborhood.


Submit your recognition of an LES Hero Next Door here