Mike Hoyos


Nominated by Alexander Campaz


Mike Hoyos is a commercial printer who has worked at Works in Progress for over 20 years. He first engaged with Works in Progress as part of the internship program the print studio has with various high school programs in the New York City area.


Works in Progress became a positive, creative outlet for Mike during his internship. After graduating high school, the Directors of Works in Progress gave Mike a full time job. Through the years Mike perfected his craft and became a master printer. He is now the head printer at Works in Progress.


The importance of Mike’s story is the silent work he has done through the years which for the most part goes unnoticed. For over 20 years he has mentored and inspired hundreds of youth that like him come to Works in Progress through an internship program. Many of the students that come to the print shop have issues and personal problems they want to overcome. Mike’s own story, personal experience with training at Works in Progress, and guidance has helped students overcome many obstacles.