Sandra Strother


Nominated by Grauven Olivares, Grand Street Guild Residents Association.


Sandra Strother is the President of the Grand Street Guild Residents Association.


Sandra Strother, a native and resident of the Lower East Side, is the President of Grand Street Guild Residents Association, where she helps over 600 low-income families in their everyday lives. Sandra is also a member of Community Board 3 where she focuses on senior affairs and human rights. As a member of the Seward Park Area Redevelopment Coalition (SPARC), Sandra helps to locate, track and bring back those who have been displaced from the Lower East Side due to gentrification induced construction. Sandra is also a coordinator with the Board of Elections, helping to coordinate local election sites. Sandra’s ongoing work and commitment to and in the Lower East Side is a true embodiment of community, selflessness and helping thy neighbor. 



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