The overall purpose of The People’s LES is to recognize and value the Lower East Side’s historic identity as a community of immigrants, workers, artists, and activists; develop a shared platform for both existing and new People’s LES stories and histories; commission public art works and murals related to those stories, and convene historians, artists, organizers, local leaders and residents in public dialogue which connect the past with the present, and help shape a future vision for the neighborhood.

The People’s LES, initiated by Downtown Art and FABnyc, extends the annual celebration of Lower East Side History Month each May to a year-round program.

The Team

Dakota Devereux Scott

The People’s LES Project Director

Associate Director at Downtown Art & Director of Special Projects at FABnyc

Ryan Gilliam

Executive / Artistic Director at Downtown Art & Executive Director at FABnyc

Imani Vieira

Communications Associate at FABnyc

Tina Orlandini

Website Designer

Emilio Martinez Poppe

Designer & Projects Manager at FABnyc